Announcement – New Book Series

I’m incredibly excited to announce the commencement of a brand-new series set within the magical world of Arghost, titled the ‘Origin Series.’ Each novel in this series will spotlight a singular character who has left a significant mark on the overarching narrative of Arghost.

The inaugural book focuses on the enigmatic dark magika, Volthar: Exiled Child of Destiny, who spearheaded the first incursion of the darkness into the world. Unearth the motivations and history of this complex character in this gripping new storyline. Dive deeper into the tapestry of Arghost’s lore and discover the threads that bind its heroes and villains alike.

Volthar cloaked figure

“The weak fear the darkness,

while the strong become it.

I am the pain this world has bestowed upon me.”

                                                         – Volthar

Volthar’s story is a stark reminder of how personal tragedy, unprocessed grief, and a relentless drive for power can lead to devastating consequences. It also serves as a cautionary tale of how the pursuit of revenge can ultimately lead to a path of self-destruction.

More updates coming soon!

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