Current Projects Progress Update 22/05/23

I’m thrilled to announce that “The Second Rising” is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I enjoyed every moment of writing this tale, and I sincerely hope you’ll find as much pleasure in reading it!.

Exciting news! “The Magika Handbook,” a detailed guide to the enchanting magical system that drives the Chronicles of Arghost, is now also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Immerse yourself in the depths of Arghost’s magic with this comprehensive resource!

The Second Rising Volume I – Find it now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

In The Wake of DarknessVolume II – Great news for fans of the Chronicles of Arghost! I’m making significant headway on Volume 2 of this epic three-book series. Currently, I’m 79% done with the manuscript. Stay tuned for more thrilling adventures in the world of Arghost!

The Magika Handbook – Find it now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Origins : Volthar – Get ready to dive into the past and uncover the origins of the dark magika Volthar, one of Arghost’s most enigmatic figures. This will be the first detailed exploration of the intricate backstories of characters that have captivated readers. Stay tuned for more thrilling reveals from the Chronicles of Arghost! Currently at 19% of the first draft.

Thank you for keeping up with these updates! I’ll be sure to share another progress report next week.



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