Current Projects Update 31/01/24

It’s been a while since I’ve made a project update announcement, but there certainly is a lot going on on the writing desk. Lately, it seems that I always have at least 3-4 projects on the go at once. Nothing like putting yourself under pressure! Anyway, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of my writing journey.

Shadows and Salvation : The Chronicles of Arghost Volume II
Current Task: Editing 59.43%

Currently heavy in the editing/ rewriting stage

Volthar: Arghost Origins Book One
Current Task: First Draft 0.72%

Currently writing the first draft, 7 chapters complete.

Cryptic Dunes: Tales of The Sundering Twilight Book Two
Current Task: Proofreading 80%

At the final stages of proofreading, once complete any changes will be applied and then copies will be sent to my ARC team.

Echoes of The Foresaken: Jonathon Rourke Book Two (Title Subject to Change)
Current Task: First Draft 1.03%

Started writing the first draft with 2 chapters complete

Emendils Heir: Tales of The Sundering Twilight Book Three (Title Subject to Change)
Current Task: Planning 0%

Intial planning has been complete, should begin writing the first draft shortly.

That’s it for this installment as you can see I have my hands full, but there will be a lot of projects released this year, more than what is under current progression. Stay tuned.

Thank you for keeping up with my writing tasks, as I have more significant updates I will post them here.

Until next time, keep your imaginations soaring!

Best Wishes,



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