Frostmire Tundra

Within the biting, bone-chilling winds of the Frostmire tundra in Ijovar, situated in the northern domain of Atheron, an eternal shroud of snow and ice envelops the landscape. The air is crisp and tinged with the scent of frost, while the crunch of frozen ground resounds underfoot. The relentless cold and unforgiving environment is home to a select few resilient flora and fauna, each tenaciously clinging to life amid the glacial wasteland.


Among these hardy survivors are the Frosthoof Goat and the Rimehide, creatures that have evolved to subsist on the sparse patches of low-growing vegetation, such as mosses, lichens, herbs, and diminutive shrubs. Their thick coats shield them from the howling winds and swirling snow, while their keen senses enable them to navigate the vast, white expanse.

Iceheart Plant

For intrepid seekers of magical flora, the Frostmire tundra offers rare treasures like the Iceheart and Moonseed plants. These elusive botanical wonders, shrouded in an aura of frosty mist and faintly glowing with a silvery-blue luminescence, are highly coveted by those who dare to venture into the frostbitten realm. The gentle rustle of the wind through the sparse vegetation whispers secrets of their hidden locations, but only the most determined and well-prepared will succeed in unearthing their enigmatic mysteries.

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