Gunter Heade

Gunter was a man of humble origins, hailing from the picturesque township of Woodly nestled in the foothills of the Orborus Mountains within the kingdom of Abras. The air was crisp and invigorating, carrying with it the scent of pine and earth, a testament to the surrounding wilderness. Under the tutelage of his father, Kamden, Gunter learned the value of a hard day’s labor. Yet, he aspired for something beyond the monotony of farming life and yearned for adventure.

During his youthful days, Gunter eagerly embraced the chance to join the bustling tavern nearby, driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge in the artistry of the trade. Amidst the symphony of clattering dishes, tinkling glasses, and animated clientele that filled the air, Gunter dedicated himself to scrubbing stables and cleansing dishes, immersing himself in the essence of the establishment.

The discerning innkeeper, keenly perceptive of Gunter’s potential, found himself captivated by the young man’s unyielding work ethic and resolute commitment. Recognizing Gunter’s unwavering dedication, the innkeeper soon bestowed upon him the opportunity to venture behind the bar. Despite the flutter of nerves within him, Gunter remained resolute in his determination to triumph.

Under the tutelage of the innkeeper, Gunter swiftly honed his craft and commenced serving the local libations to parched patrons. Absorbed in the tales spun by the audacious wanderers who graced the tavern’s threshold, Gunter enveloped himself in their chronicles of distant domains and enchanting creatures, clinging to their every utterance with rapt fascination. These tales fueled Gunter’s desire to embark on his own journey and leave the familiar behind.

When the innkeeper passed away, he left the establishment to Gunter as a testament to his dedication and hard work. Gunter, along with his wife Geraldine and son Ademar, worked tirelessly to revive the inn, renaming it the Restless Rooster. Through diligent efforts, the once-weathered structure underwent a remarkable transformation, adorned with pristine furnishings and adorned walls, emanating an inviting ambiance that effortlessly lured wanderers from both proximate and distant lands.


Ademar’s laughter echoed through the halls as he and Geraldine worked to perfect their secret recipe for steak and kidney pies. An enticing symphony of aromatic spices permeated the atmosphere, luring even the most discerning of patrons with its tantalizing allure. However, one anomaly remained – a rooster named Reggie. Despite his habit of crowing at the break of dawn, disrupting the guests’ slumber, Gunter couldn’t bring himself to part with the quirky bird. Reggie had become the inn’s beloved mascot, and Gunter cherished his eccentricities.

Gunter retained his grounded nature, a diligent and industrious soul, forever extending a warm smile and an assisting hand to welcome each guest with genuine warmth. The Restless Rooster may not have been the grandest of establishments, but it was overflowing with laughter, delicious meals, and camaraderie.

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