Raven’s Bane Novella Release

Join me on a journey into the shadows of fantasy this week with the release of my newest novella, ‘Raven’s Bane’. As a lover of immersive realms, I’m drawn to untold stories woven into the fabric of epic sagas. This standalone work lets me illuminate a shrouded chapter that sets fateful events in motion.

While writing my debut epic fantasy novel ‘The Second Rising,’ I realized the dark history of the shape-shifting clan living deep in the mystical Dewforrest deserved more attention. Their culture and lore added such vivid texture to my fantasy realm. I needed to unravel their rich backstory and reveal the hardships that set them on a colliding course with destiny.

So I dove back in time to unveil this gripping origin story. ‘Raven’s Bane’ chronicles star-crossed friends Caelen and Leira as they band together to save their families and defend their way of life from sinister invading forces. It’s a rollercoaster of forbidden love, heart-pounding adventure, and looming supernatural chaos threatening to consume everything they hold dear.

I sought to craft a sweeping coming-of-age saga fueled by the power of connection in the face of lethal divides. Can Caelen and Leira’s bond overcome deceit, betrayal, and an encroaching darkness harvesting their magical kin? Though the odds are overwhelmingly stacked against these unlikely heroes, their alliances could alter the fate of the realm itself.

Immerse yourself in the rich fantasy history underpinning my fictional world, Arghost when ‘Raven’s Bane’ takes flight on July 7th. Join the uprising before it’s too late! This romantic, action-packed page-turner explores whether selfless love can prevail over ruthless might.

Now is your chance to discover the untamed magic and redemption at the heart of Dewforrest. Let me know if you dare venture into the shadows blanketing its occult origins! I’ll be waiting spellbound to continue the journey together…

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