Current Projects Progress Update 17/04/23

This week, I have several updates on my ongoing projects, particularly those that I’ve made significant progress on. Additionally, I’ve started working on the upcoming Origins series, where I will delve deeper into specific characters. More to come on this soon. It’s an exciting time in the world of Arghost, with numerous other projects I’d like to pursue as time permits.

The Second Rising Volume I – The manuscript has been sent to the printer, and I’m excitedly anticipating the arrival of proof copies for a final examination by our skilled proofreaders. We’re aiming for a publishing date of May 2nd.

In The Wake of DarknessVolume II – Making progress on the first draft of Volume 2 in the epic 3-book series! Currently, the manuscript is about 42% complete. The storyline is packed with action, unexpected turns, and thrilling twists. I’m loving every moment of writing this captivating saga!

The Magika Handbook – The last revision for the Handbook is now finished; regrettably, I needed to include some additional pages, necessitating a cover extension. As soon as I receive the updated cover design from the artist, I will proceed with ordering proof copies for one last review prior to publication.

Thank you for keeping up with these updates! I’ll be sure to share another progress report next week.



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