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A Battle for Survival, A Dance of Love, A Song of Unity in the Mystic Realm of Arghost.

In a world where skin-changers are prey, Caelen, and a rebellious enemy’s daughter unite against poachers and dark magic, threatening their very existence.

When danger threatens to destroy everything he holds dear, seventeen-year-old skin-changer Caelen must embark on a perilous journey into enemy territory to save his family. But when he is joined by Leira, the daughter of the very people who threaten his kin, he must navigate the complexities of friendship and betrayal in a world on the brink of war.

Caelen’s village is thrown into chaos when poachers invade the forest, capturing some of his clan. As one of the survivors, he must venture into forbidden human lands, facing countless obstacles and forming an unlikely bond with Leira. But as they work together to save their loved ones, a darker force looms, threatening to destroy everything they hold dear.

Amidst a dangerous conflict, Caelen and Leira must lead a daring uprising against the poachers, who seek to harvest Caelen’s kin for their magical properties. With the fate of their world hanging in the balance, their friendship will be tested and their courage will be put to the ultimate test. But as they fight for survival, they must also confront their growing feelings for each other, forbidden by their warring clans.

When your savior is the daughter of your enemy, every step towards redemption could be a step into the jaws of betrayal.

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Editorial Review

In Raven’s Bane, author Derren Parsons introduces us to a captivating fantasy world, starting with the harrowing plight of Amara and Jonah, two Arvi (beings with the ability to transform into ravens) who face the grim reality of being hunted. The book opens on a tense note with Jonah’s sacrifice to save Amara, setting a tone of danger and suspense that pervades the story.

Parsons skillfully crafts a narrative that delves into themes of identity and conflict. The protagonist, Caelen, upon learning of his friend’s demise, embarks on a quest to uncover the reasons behind the Arvi’s persecution. His journey to a human village, disguised and seeking answers, unfolds layers of complexity in human-Arvi relations, hinting at a larger, more intricate conspiracy.

One of the book’s notable features is a detailed map at the beginning, reminiscent of the classic fantasy style seen in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. This addition enriches the reader’s experience, providing a visual representation of Parsons’ intricate world. The author’s use of descriptive language, evident from the opening line, instantly immerses the reader in the fantasy genre. Phrases like “Like a fallen star, an ethereal blue burst cleaved the darkness,” are not only visually evocative but also signal the story’s genre effectively. The narrative seamlessly integrates elements of romance and conflict, showcasing Parsons’ skill in weaving diverse plot threads. The vivid imagery, such as “The taste of her own fear was bitter” or “blended into the forest’s velvety blackness,” allows readers to vividly imagine the setting and empathize with the characters’ experiences.

Given the current popularity of the fantasy genre, Raven’s Bane stands out as a well-crafted addition. Parsons’ ability to create a gripping narrative, filled with rich imagery, makes this book a recommended read for those who enjoy immersive storytelling. The anticipation for future works from Parsons is certainly warranted based on the strength of this novel.


“This book is a must read. The author draws you in quickly and very hard to put down. Absolutely wonderful writing. Can’t wait to see what’s next.”

“Raven’s Bane was a well written YA fantasy. It had a bit of darkness to it and a bit of hopelessness built into the story, enough to make you really feel for the characters and kept me intrigued. Caelen was my favorite. The bad guys kept this story moving. It was hard to choose which was the worst as there were so many. I think I settled on Jeremiah as being the one I wanted to see defeated the most. Any time I find a story with shapeshifters, I’m all in. The world building was great and believable, and the description kept me reading. A great book for any fantasy lover.”

“This was a well written story, and I know that because there were parts that elicited a physical reaction from me. A grimace here, a wondering shake of my head there, etc. Whenever I am “in” to a book, where I am actually “seeing” what’s going on, I believe the author did his job.

There were some nuances to even the “bad guys” that were interesting, and you couldn’t help but root for the two protagonists. The understated callousness with which the raven folk are hunted was bleak. So, again, well done by the author.

A short read, but a good one!”

“I ended up really liking Raven’s Bane despite being unsure at first if I would find the language too flowery based on the opening page, but quickly the author really gets to the meat of the story and I did not feel overburdened by the descriptions.
It starts out with a pulse-pounding chase scene of human poachers versus raven shapeshifters. I’ve read about werewolves, vampires/bats, dragons/humans type shapeshifting, but ravens were a first for me. The ravens were a really beautiful race of creatures, with a well-developed culture and magic system where they co-exist with the forest which feels kind of alive and sentient.
Then we have the humans who are stinky, bawdy, ale-chugging beasts in comparison to the beautiful raven-people. I really felt for Caelan, a raven shifter who realizes he needs to do more than the pacifist leader of the shifters is willing to do. And Leira, the daughter of a poacher, who empathizes with Caelan’s plight. The scene where Caelan and Leira meet is a very nice hero / feisty damsel in distress scene. They make a good team.
I’d love to read more stories set in this universe. The pacing and length of this short, rich novel was perfect. I recommend it without any hesitation.”

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