Reading Order

The books listed below, barring the series titles, offer the flexibility to be read in any sequence. However, to fully appreciate their context within the overarching timeline, the following arrangement presents how each story fits into the grand narrative.

Cryptic Dunes

Cryptic Dunes is the story of the rediscovery of the famed book of Ka Sa'Ra. The compendium of dark spells created by the five Silverwind scholars, who on realising their mistake hid the text underground hoping that no one would use its awesome power.

Raven's Bane

In Raven's Bane, the unfolding events within the Dewforest are catalyzed by Volthar the Magika's relentless quest for power. This ambition sets the stage for the ominous invasion of the dark legions, marking a pivotal moment in the narrative where the tranquility of Dewforest faces it's greatest threat.


This conflict stands as the most colossal in Arghost's history, spanning over two decades and resulting in the loss of millions of lives. The magika Volthar, wielding the ominous black book of Ka sa'ra, summoned legions from the void. He beckoned these dark forces into Arghost, manipulating them as instruments of destruction, bending them to his will to unleash havoc upon the land.

Fate's Wager

Set five years following the war's end, the tale of Jonathan Rourke unfolds in an era marked by tumultuous change. The aftermath of the conflict has left a power vacuum, a consequence of numerous losses. This has given rise to an era of instability, as self-proclaimed warlords wreak havoc across the lands, each vying for dominance in the newly unsteady world.

TCA - The Second Rising

The "Chronicles of Arghost" series, set 5000 years following the initial strife, marks the emergence of a new, formidable threat from the shadows, aptly titled 'The Second Rising'. This epochal narrative, featuring Niama and Coses, ushers in an era where darkness once again challenges the light.

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