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The Chronicles of Arghost Volume 1

What would you risk to save the world you called home if a darkness threatened to consume it?

That question haunts Niama, an elven huntress, as she embarks on a desperate quest to recover a lost weapon before an ancient evil extinguishes her world’s light forever.

Prepare yourself for an epic fantasy adventure where the world of Arghost teeters on the precipice of darkness, as an ancient evil awakens. Thrust into a monumental conflict, Niama, a skilled elven huntress from the Enchanted Erbour Forest, seeks to unravel an arcane prophecy. When a fateful encounter with a mystical seer unveils a foreboding prophecy, Niama embarks on an epic odyssey to recover Athris’s lost weapon before insidious forces doom Atheron into darkness.

Joined by Kesaahn, a formidable magika wielding arcane gifts, and Rohan, the valorous prince successor, Niama navigates foreboding realms despoiled by occult forces, battling the merciless darkness while pursuing clarity regarding the prophecy’s obscured designs. With the fate of Atheron at stake, the companions undertake a heroic journey to find the mythical Staff of Light and uncover the prophecy’s meaning before it’s too late.

Wrestling with haunting secrets from her past, Niama races against time, braving treacherous terrain and sinister entities while striving to decipher the remaining riddles.

Can her unwavering resolve illuminate the path forward?

Or will the darkness extinguish Arghost’s radiance forever?

Formats available: Ebook (See Below), Paperback (Amazon), Hardcover (Amazon)


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“Wow, what a story! The book throws us into a dark world full of scary monsters, but with a spark of hope.”

This book is a fun ride with strong characters. It’s filled with lots of exciting action and adventure.

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Embark on a journey through Arghost, a land of ancient wars and enchanting magic. From the icy peaks of Atheron to the arid deserts of the Western Lands, this anthology of riveting tales will transport you to a realm of contrast and wonder.

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