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Every Gamble Has Its Price.

Burdened by old debts, a hero unites with allies against dark monsters and ruthless brigands, where the wager is life itself.

Imagine a world where the darkness of your past comes back to haunt you, forcing you to lead a group of outcasts on a treacherous quest to save your loved ones from the brink of destruction. This is the world that ex-warrior Johnathon Rourke finds himself in when his gambling debts put his family in danger.

In a desperate attempt to settle his score, John enlists the help of an unlikely fellowship – a cunning human, stalwart dwarf, fierce elven huntress, and twin namites, jackal-headed warriors from a distant desert land. Bound by the brotherhood forged through the horrors of war, they set out to retrieve a fabled treasure guarded by a legendary sea beast. But with ruthless enemies and monstrous dangers lurking at every turn, will their bond be enough to overcome the challenges ahead?

In the fantasy realm of Arghost, remnants of fallen civilizations whisper secrets beneath the canopy of lush forests, while in the mist-wreathed bogs, beasts of ancient lineages stalk their prey with silent cunning.

Will John’s specters of war demand more from him than he can give?

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Top Notch Fantasy Nancy M. Heinzel

“A high-water mark in the field of fantasy fiction.

With the sheer volume of new fantasy novels being written nowadays, it takes something special to stand out in the crowd. This work does just that. While it’s packed with action and adventure, it’s not afraid of the quieter moments, and you’ll rarely find a hero as nuanced as John, or as aware of his faults and shortcomings. Hardened by war, he’s content with settling down, only to be snagged by one last quest, and a chance to repay his debts.

And so he assembles a motley crew, each with his or hers special talents, and together they set sail, never dreaming of the lies and betrayals that will pop up at every turn. With his loved ones held as ransom, he bravely carries on, only to find that death, like life, is waiting with its surprises. If you’re looking for an engaging saga that sets the stage for a sequel, this is one wager you’ll never regret.”

An Exciting Adventure Hello All

“Fates Wager: Every Gamble Has it’s Price (Arghost Stories) is a treasure hunting mystery full of intrigue, mystery, and betrayal. Friendships run deep in this story as well as the never-ending betrayal of greedy people. The story was enjoyable and full of interesting animals and plant life. A great read!”

“An interesting adventure book, a lot of mystery and a good storyline. The amazing world of Fates Wager takes the reader to a world where anything is possible, easy and fast to read. In the end, I even regretted that this adventure story had already ended. I will wait for the sequel, if there is one.”

“A beautiful adventure of mythical beasts and twists at every turn, this fantasy driven book whisks you away into a world of your own… and into a world where anything is possible.”

AdventurousChase S

“The author’s vivid descriptions bring characters like the self-crowned brigand king, Deacon, to life, adding depth to the narrative. With an homage to childhood tales of treasure quests, Fate’s Wager successfully captures the spirit of adventure, offering readers an electrifying and nostalgic escape into a world of danger, discovery, and camaraderie.”

“This book will transport you to a realm of fantasy and adventure that will have you turning page after page! Indulge in a tale of betrayal, mystical beasts, and whimsical storytelling that brings you right into the story. Although this is a rather quick read, the author does an amazing job in bringing the characters to life. Highly recommended!”

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