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The Lost Book of Ka’Sara

In the whispers of the Aesulyn desert, magic stirs—a chance to rewrite destiny for those daring enough to grasp it.

Enter the ruthless Aesulyn desert landscape, where the lines between life and death are blurred and the power of ancient magic lies in wait. Meet Zara, a grieving sister desperate to resurrect her beloved brother, and Kael, a reluctant blacksmith bound to her by an unbreakable bond.

Together, they embark on a perilous journey to uncover the legendary Book of Ka sa’ra, guided by a mysterious figure and pursued by unimaginable creatures. But as they delve deeper into the cryptic dunes and face the temptation of forbidden magic, Zara must confront her own guilt and the possibility of losing herself in the pursuit of her goal. Will the bonds of sibling love prevail, or will darker forces intervene?

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Engaging Joe

“In “Cryptic Dunes,” author Derrin Parsons delivers a spellbinding fantasy tale set in a world of shifting sands and ancient secrets. As Zara embarks on a perilous quest to defy fate and rescue her brother, readers are drawn into a labyrinth of deceit and hidden truths alongside her enigmatic ally, Kael. With echoes of high fantasy classics, this gripping adventure explores themes of love and loss. An engaging ride.”

 Enjoyable and Well Written Greg Vigdor

“A fun adventure tale of a mythical place. The writing was excellent and it was a good tale, with many villains and heroes. Well done- and more to come.”

Fantasy Fiction  Joselyn Martinez

“This is an entertaining fantasy fiction story that includes a desert landscape, ancient magic, and forbidden knowledge that can bring back a departed soul. It is an epic journey to uncover a legendary book of secret knowledge in which the protaganists face deadly obstacles.”

Creative and powerful… Heather M. Claus

“Well-written with delicious imagery. A short tale of loss and determination set in a world beyond human that will entangle you.”

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